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Exchange a Walmart Gift Card for PayPal

Updated: Jan 23


I'm Looking to Exchange my Walmart Gift Card and Get PayPal.

Where Can I sell My Walmart Gift Card Instantly.

You can trade-in your Walmart gift card for cash using a gift card exchange website such as, which allows you to exchange your unwanted gift cards for cash instantly in a secure and hassle-free manner. Find a gift card exchange website that trades Walmart gift cards for PayPal. Sites such as GiftoCash, CardCash, and CardKangaroo offer this service.

How do I obtain and use a GiftoCash Gifts gift card?

Within a few hours, gift cards are typically delivered by email.

You'll receive an email from us after the delivery has been made that serves as your receipt.

Please check your spam or junk mail folder if, after 24 hours, you haven't received an email from us.

To ensure that the digital gift card you're purchasing can be redeemed where you intend to use it, please read the retailer's terms and conditions.

The methods and locations for using digital gift cards are not under our control.

If you're having trouble using the code to redeem your gift card, get help from the retailer.

Some gifts must be activated before being used.

If you receive an email about a gift that needs to be activated, you have 30 days from the date the email was sent to do so.

If not, it will be sent back to the person who originally sent it to you.

When you use GiftoCash as payment, an activated gift is automatically applied to your subsequent online purchase.

The gift amount might not show up when you check out, but it will be reflected in your GiftoCash account and your email receipt for your purchase.

Contact us if you require any additional help with GiftoCash Gifts.

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