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How to Make the Most Money Selling Gift Cards Online

Updated: Mar 6

You've come to the right place if you want to sell gift cards online.

You will find that our platform is the perfect destination for anyone looking to sell gift cards online!

If they are for shops you enjoy shopping at, gift cards make a great present. Gift cards, on the other hand, are like wasted cash if they are for establishments you don't have access to or don't like.

If you have a lot of unused gift cards, you can sell them online for cash.

You can find out how to sell gift cards quickly, where to sell gift cards for cash, and how to sell unused gift cards safely in the sections below.

How to Make Money Selling Gift Cards Online

It's not as difficult as you might imagine to sell gift cards.

Finding a great website that enables you to sell gift cards electronically is the most challenging aspect of selling gift cards.

You can sell your gift card once you've found your website.

Even though you won't receive the entire value of the gift card, this is preferable to letting it expire without being used at all.

Best Websites for Instant Gift Card Sales

Finding a great site to sell and buy gift cards is the most challenging aspect of selling gift cards instantly.

These are the top 10 websites to sell gift cards instantly, saving you a ton of time and effort:


CardCash is our go-to website for selling gift cards quickly.

The largest selection of discounted gift cards is currently available at CardCash.

The majority of gift cards pay up to 92% of the original value, but using the "Sell" page, you can find out how much your card is worth.

We adore CardCash the most because there isn't a significant seller fee.

There is only a small verification fee in place of that.

CardCash is now a much more cost-effective platform for sellers, and you can get your money quickly as a result.

Gift Cash

Since the company's founding in 2017, millions of dollars have been paid out and hundreds of retailers have received support.

Three steps comprise the buying process for gift cards, making it simple and uncomplicated.

Most gift cards sold at Gift Cash have good cash values as well, but some gift cards hold their value better than others.

Gift Cash has a drawback in that they will only purchase gift cards with balances of $25 or more.

If you want to sell physical cards as well, you will need to purchase a card reader.


One of the top websites for selling gift cards online is Raise [for iOS and Android].

You can use this eCommerce app to save money and accrue rewards.

Selling gift cards is just one method you can use to accomplish this on Raise.

The advantage of using this site is that it provides you with an estimate of the profit you will make before you sell your gift card.

You must register for a free account in order to begin.

You must enter your gift card's serial number, pin, balance, and selling price before you can put it up for sale.

The account is free, but there is a 15% seller fee that is only assessed after the gift sells.

There will be a $2.75 or 1% fee if you specifically sell physical gift cards, whichever is higher.


One of the websites on our list with the most original content is GameFlip [for iOS and Android].

It's not intended for the sale of all gift cards.

Instead, it is intended specifically for the sale of video game-related merchandise.

Therefore, if the gift cards are for video games, this is a good website to sell them on for money.

Amazon, Xbox, App Store, Google Play, and PSN gift cards are just a few examples of the gift cards for video games that can be sold on GameFlip.

You will have complete control over every aspect of the selling process, including the asking price.

PayPal is not a supported e-wallet; instead, you must withdraw your funds using a digital wallet like Skrill or Bitcoin.

GameFlip has some costs attached to it.

All seller listings have an 8% fee, and digital-only products have an additional 2% fee.

Gift Card Granny

If you want a quick and easy selling process, Gift Card Granny [for iOS and Android] is a great website.

Simply enter the brand and balance of the gift card.

Choose the offer that is best for you as soon as they start to arrive, and then decide how you want to be paid.