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Unlock the Potential: Shift to Bitcoin With Amex Gift Card

Updated: Jun 1

bitcoin american express gift card

Convert Your American Express Gift Card to Bitcoin.

With the growth of bitcoin’s network, new payment methods became available for traders to use when purchasing cryptos from various platforms. American Express cards are one of those new options, as the method was deemed as unsafe by businesses selling coins online.

GiftoCash offers a unique platform in which you can purchase bitcoins using only your email and payment details. All you have to do it is to provide the AmEx card details and your email. The accepted methods are only credit and debit cards while gift cards are not accepted at this platform. The fee for credit/debit purchase stands at 3.5% + $0.15 in addition to the minor fees and AmEx provider expenses. This is probably the safest way to use AmEx cards when buying BTC but at the higher costs.

Choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that accepts american express gift cards.

Yes, you aren’t limited to buying Bitcoin alone. The only limit is which coins are available on the exchange you’ve chosen. Most crypto exchanges that support American Express as a payment method offer 50+ cryptocurrencies and many offer hundreds more.

Additionally, American Express does not directly support cryptocurrency transactions, meaning that customers must use a third-party exchange to purchase cryptocurrency with their cards. As a result, customers may face additional fees or charges when using their American Express cards to purchase crypto.

Follow the steps to buy bitcoin with your american express gift card.

If you’re merely looking to buy Bitcoin with an American Express credit card, the process is straightforward, but if you’re new to the world of online crypto trading, using Bitcoin brokers can be complicated. So here is a quick rundown of the process.

This will vary by GiftoCash partner and card issuer. The most popular prepaid cards used to buy Bitcoin are Visa gift cards, Vanilla gift cards and Mastercard prepaid debit cards. American Express (AMEX) and Discover prepaid cards, gift cards or virtual debit cards are rarely supported.

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