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How I Sold My Unused Gift Cards for Cash Using GiftoCash

sell gift cards for cash

Ever wonder what to do with that unused gift card you received for your birthday last year? Don’t let it sit around collecting dust - turn that unused value into cold hard cash. You can sell gift cards for up to 92% of their remaining balance using GiftoCash, an online gift card exchange. It’s fast, easy, and you’ll get paid within a few hours. All you need to do is enter the details of your unused gift card, get an instant offer, send the card online, and wait for the money to hit your wallet. No more forgetting you have it or losing money to dormancy fees. Take control of your gift cards and unlock their full value. You’ll be surprised how much money is sitting around in the form of unused gift cards.

Why I Decided to Sell My Gift Cards

Selling unused gift cards was a no-brainer for me. I had a few gift cards I received as gifts over the years for stores I don’t frequent. I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I decided to turn them into cash.

Using an online gift card exchange like GiftoCash, I was able to sell my gift cards for up to 92% of their remaining balance. All I had to do was enter the details of my gift cards to get an instant offer. If I accepted, GiftoCash sent me the money directly to my bank account within a few business days.

Why go through the hassle?

Selling gift cards I don’t use is an easy way for me to declutter and earn some money. I’d rather have the cash to spend on something I really want. Some other benefits of selling unused gift cards:

• Avoid gift cards losing value over time. Many states allow stores to deduct inactivity fees if a gift card isn’t used within a year.

• Prevent fraud. By selling gift cards quickly, I reduce the risk of someone stealing and using the balance.

• Gain peace of mind. Once I sell a gift card, I no longer have to keep track of the remaining balance or worry about it expiring.

Using an online gift card exchange, the process of selling gift cards is very straightforward. I check the balance, enter the card details, get an offer, and accept. Then I ship off the gift cards and wait for payment to arrive in my bank account. For me, it’s an easy way to turn gift cards I won’t use into cash I will use. Why let those gift cards go to waste when you can exchange them for money to spend on something you really want?

How GiftoCash Works

So how exactly does GiftoCash work to get you cash for those unused gift cards collecting dust in your wallet? It's simple.

First, check if your gift card brand and remaining balance are eligible on GiftoCash’s website. They accept hundreds of popular brands with a minimum of $10 balance.

Next, enter your gift card details including the number, PIN (if applicable), brand, and balance to get an instant offer. The offer amount depends on the brand and balance, but you can expect to get 70-95% of the total value.

Once you accept an offer, mail your physical gift card(s) to GiftoCash for free using a prepaid shipping label they provide. It usually takes 3-5 business days for them to receive and verify the details.

Finally, after verification, they will deposit the cash directly into your PayPal account or physically mail you a check. The entire end-to-end process typically completes within 1 to 2 weeks.

The best part is it’s all free to use, and since they buy gift cards directly, the transactions are private and secure. No more letting those unused cards go to waste or re-gifting them and hoping the recipient can use the full value. With GiftoCash, you get cold hard cash for the full remaining balances on your gift cards.

Getting Started: Creating an Account and Adding Gift Card Details

Once you’ve decided to sell your unused gift cards for cash, the first step is to create an account with GiftoCash and provide the details of the gift cards you want to sell.

Creating an Account

Head to and click ‘Sell Gift Cards’. Enter your name, email address, password, and any other requested info to set up your free account. Verify your email and you’re ready to add gift cards.

Adding Gift Card Details

For each gift card you want to sell, you’ll need to provide some specifics so buyers know exactly what they’re purchasing. Have the physical gift card in hand—you’ll need details like the card number, PIN (if it has one), balance, and brand.

Log in to your GiftoCash account and click ‘Sell a Gift Card’. Select the brand of gift card from the list of options. Enter the gift card number and any PIN or security code on the back of the card. The balance should update automatically. If not, you’ll be asked to enter the current balance on the card.

Double check that all details of the gift card are correct. Accurately providing the card number, PIN, balance, and expiration date will ensure there are no issues when a buyer redeems the card. Buyers appreciate honesty and transparency.

You can add as many gift cards as you like to your GiftoCash account. The more you add, the better the chance of selling them quickly. Popular brands like Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks tend to sell fastest. But don’t worry if you have smaller brand cards or specialty store cards—there are buyers interested in those as well.

Once your gift cards are added, GiftoCash will review and verify each card. This typically takes 1 to 2 business days. After verification, your gift cards will be listed for sale on the website and the selling process will begin. Buyers will make offers on your cards, and you can choose to accept an offer and complete the sale.

Selling unwanted gift cards for cash on GiftoCash is an easy way to make some extra money and declutter. By providing accurate details for your gift cards upfront, you’ll have a smooth experience from start to finish.

Receiving an Offer and Accepting an Online Transaction

Once GiftoCash reviews and verifies your gift card information, they will send you an offer for the card via email. The offer will specify the amount they are willing to pay for the full balance on your card. If you accept the offer, the transaction can be completed online right away.

To accept the offer and complete the sale, simply log in to your GiftoCash account and click “Accept Offer” on the offer details page. You will then need to enter your gift card information including the card number, PIN (if applicable), and balance to verify the funds. GiftoCash uses SSL encryption to ensure your information is kept safe during the transaction.

After verifying the gift card balance, the funds from the offer amount will be instantly deposited into your GiftoCash account. You're then free to withdraw the money and have it transferred to your bank account, usually within 1 to 2 business days. Some users report receiving funds in their accounts even faster, within a few hours of accepting an offer and completing verification.

By selling your gift cards through GiftoCash, you'll recover most of the value from your unused gift cards that would otherwise go to waste. And since the entire process can be done online, you don't have to leave your home or mail in any physical gift cards. The convenience and security of GiftoCash's digital platform makes selling unwanted gift cards an easy way to turn what was once useless into usable cash.

If at any point you have questions about an offer, the verification process, or withdrawing funds, GiftoCash's customer support team is available to help via online chat, email, and phone. They aim to provide fast, friendly service to ensure you have a smooth experience selling your gift cards. Turning those unused gift cards into cash has never been simpler.

Getting Paid: How Long Did the Process Take?

Selling your unused gift cards through GiftoCash is a quick and convenient process. Once you’ve submitted the details about your card, it typically only takes 2 to 3 business days for the money to hit your bank account or be deposited onto another card of your choosing.

Submitting Your Card Details

After signing up for a free account on and providing some basic personal information, you’ll enter the details of your gift card like the retailer name, card number, PIN (if there is one), and exact balance. Make sure all the information is correct since the card needs to be verified as active and unused.

Within 24 hours, GiftoCash will review your submission and verify the details. If everything checks out, they will lock in a buyback offer for your card based on the current resale value. The offer is usually 60-90% of the total card balance. You then have the option to accept the offer right away or wait up to 30 days in case the value increases.

Getting Paid and Payment Methods

Once you accept an offer, GiftoCash will process your payment within 2 business days. You can choose to receive payment through:

•Direct deposit into your bank account

•Deposit onto another merchant gift card like Visa, Mastercard or Amazon

•PayPal deposit

•Virtual Visa card (you get the card details instantly to make online purchases)

GiftoCash does not charge any fees for their service. They make a profit by reselling your gift cards to other customers at a small markup. It’s a win-win since you get cash for a card you’re not using anyway, and other shoppers get discounted gift cards for their favorite stores.

The entire selling process with GiftoCash is straightforward and hassle-free. In less than a week, that unused gift card in your wallet or drawer can be converted into money you actually will use. Why let it go to waste when you can sell it for cash in just a few simple steps?


And just like that, with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve turned those unused gift cards gathering dust in your wallet into cold hard cash. Gift cards are great to receive but not always practical or useful when life gets in the way of using them. Now you know there’s an easy solution when you need or want the money instead. So go ahead—check your wallet, your desk drawer, that kitchen junk drawer we all have. Round up those gift cards you’ve forgotten about and turn them into money in your pocket to spend on whatever it is you need. Feels good, doesn’t it? All thanks to the simplicity and convenience of GiftoCash. Who knew unused gift cards could be so valuable?



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