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Sell Gift Cards for Crypto Instantly

Updated: May 27

Bitcoin Gift Card

Buy and sell cryptocurrency using gift cards.

Do you want to trade gift cards for Bitcoin?

GiftoCash helps gift card and store credit holders sell their cards for cryptocurrency online or in our app. Sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so that gift card holders can get an immediate cash payout and eliminate the hassle of exchanging their cards for Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. GiftoCash not only provides gift card holders with an easy and efficient way to turn their cards into cash, but also provides them with the freedom to choose which cryptocurrency they'd like to receive.

GiftoCash is the most efficient way to convert new and used gift cards into cash.

3 simple steps:

Accept our offer, enter your gift card information, and receive cash.

You can quickly and easily convert your unwanted gift cards into cash that you can use however you want with GiftoCash.

GiftoCash is a website where you can exchange gift cards for cryptocurrency.

Gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and Google can be exchanged for bitcoin.

GiftoCash can also be used to buy and sell gift cards for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

GiftoCash Gift Cards is the best online marketplace for selling gift cards!

Get cash for gift cards using PayPal or cryptocurrency!

The procedure is quick and easy.

GiftoCash Gift Cards is a simple way to convert your unwanted or unused gift cards into cash.

GiftoCash is a well-known online gift card exchange platform.

Gift cards can be sold here for up to 98% of their face value.

GiftoCash, a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace with a global presence, is one of the exchanges that facilitate gift card-crypto trades.

GiftoCash allows customers to buy and sell gift cards using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

How to Instantly Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Because of the evolution of the internet, life has become easier, and it is now even easier to sell gift cards for bitcoin instantly.

Cash is just another way to get money from your gift cards because you can sell them for PayPal or direct deposit right away.

As time has gone on, cryptocurrencies have developed into the most practical and trustworthy method for storing money.

Depending on the wallet that you use, the security protocols and layers that are utilized when gaining access to your cryptocurrency assets might be different.

Because crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are the most widely used in the world, trading bitcoin is a very convenient way to make money online.

How Can I Instantly Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin?

Peer-to-peer trading platforms (Redeem, Crypto Voucher) can be used to instantly trade (buy and sell) gift cards for bitcoin in countries such as the United States, Nigeria, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many others.

That being said, if you want to learn more about these P2P trading platforms, keep reading.

I've compiled the best sites to buy bitcoin with gift cards in this article so you can easily sell gift cards for bitcoin instantly.

Can I Purchase Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Using Gift Cards?


There are several platforms that allow people to buy cryptocurrency with gift cards.

To exchange any gift card for bitcoin, simply open an account. Furthermore, many businesses are increasingly allowing customers to pay with digital assets. As a result, if you sell your gift card for bitcoin, you'll be able to buy goods and services, invest in cryptocurrency, and even receive crypto-backed loans.

How to Trade a Gift Card for Bitcoin

You can give people digital assets like bitcoin as well as sell gift cards for bitcoin.

Here's how to give digital assets as a gift.

Best Bitcoin Gift Card Exchange Sites

Some websites may be able to assist you in selling gift cards for Bitcoin. This has made receiving money from anywhere in the world extremely simple. The websites listed below are the best places to trade gift cards for bitcoin and will allow you to instantly sell your gift cards for bitcoin online.

1. Redeem

Redeem is a peer-to-peer exchange that allows users to sell gift cards for bitcoin in real time.

If you have a problem, you can always contact Redeem's dependable support team.

Redeem offers gift cards from Amazon and Walmart. Redeem was developed primarily to facilitate the use of bitcoin. To avoid fraud, it has a top-notch, secure platform for selling gift cards for bitcoins.

2. CryptoVoucher

CryptoVoucher is one of the best places to trade gift cards for bitcoin. Gift cards, for example, can be exchanged for bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and dash. To use the platform, first enter your personal information, and then the site will send you a crypto voucher that you can redeem.

3. Bitrefill

Bitrefill is a fantastic app for converting gift cards into bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, or Dogecoin. It accepts gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and Airbnb. Check out their services to see what they have to offer. Bitrefill allows you to load cryptocurrency onto your phone. These services are available in over 170 countries and are supported by over 750 companies.

4. Gyft

Gyft is yet another excellent platform and app for purchasing, sending, and redeeming gift cards from virtually any brand using Bitcoin. Their app allows you to keep track of gift card balances and send them to friends. Gyft does not charge any fees and is Digicert certified.

Sell Gift Card for Crypto in Nigeria:

GiftoCash is the best platform in Nigeria for exchanging gift cards for Bitcoin. In Nigeria, it took about 60 minutes to sell a gift card for cryptocurrency. Bitcoins, USDT, or Naira can be used to pay you.

5. Egifter

Egifter is a fantastic platform that makes converting Bitcoin to gift cards a breeze.

You can use bitcoin to purchase almost any type of gift card from a variety of brands on the site. There are no fees associated with using the platform, and it is extremely simple to use.

It includes a fantastic bonus in which you earn 100 points for every $100 spent, which you can then redeem for discounts.

6. Coin-Cola

CoinCola is a website that allows you to trade (buy and sell) gift cards for cryptocurrency.

Gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and Google can be exchanged for bitcoin. CoinCola can also be used to exchange local fiat currency for cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and Tether. The platform is extremely secure, ensuring that all of your transactions are completed successfully.

7. Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace for selling gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin.

You only need to create an account before exchanging your gift card for small amounts of bitcoin. Walmart, Google Play, Visa, MasterCard, and eBay Paxful accepts gift cards from Domino's, Uber, and T-Mobile.

8. Bidali

Bidali is a fantastic site for exchanging gift cards for almost any cryptocurrency.

Bidali is a safe, convenient, and secure way to spend cryptocurrencies on goods, services, and cell phone top-ups.

9. Purse is a discount platform that assists customers in saving money when shopping on Amazon. The platform connects customers with people who want to trade Amazon gift cards for bitcoin. You can add items and services to your cart by using a Chrome extension.

The platform offers discounts of up to 33% on anything purchased with bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin Using a Visa Gift Card

Platforms like Paxful make it simple to buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift card.

Paxful allows you to sell gift cards in exchange for small amounts of Bitcoin.

Paxful is regulated in the United States and has vault-level security.

You can sell gift cards for cryptocurrency on platforms other than Paxful.

Best App for Converting Gift Cards to Bitcoin

Both GiftoCash and Gyft are excellent apps for converting gift cards to bitcoin.

GiftoCash allows you to redeem gift cards in Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, or Dogecoin, as well as top up your phone with cryptocurrency. Gyft allows you to keep track of your gift card balances and send them to friends and family with ease.

How to Buy Bitcoin with a Gift Card Without Verification

If you're looking for a platform where you can buy bitcoin with a gift card without verification, you're probably looking to get scammed. These P2P platforms require you to sign up and, in most cases, verify your account in order to secure your funds and assets once you begin buying bitcoin with gift cards.

Final Thoughts on How to Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin Instantly

Some of the apps are listed above are options for exchanging gift cards for bitcoin.

To do so, first locate a platform that allows you to trade gift cards for bitcoin and then create an account. After you've opened an account, you can then enter the amount in the gift card and receive bitcoin. You can also give digital assets to others through gift cards and cryptocurrency exchanges.


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