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Crypto Shopping on the App Store: Buy BTC With iTunes Card

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Bitcoin n Apple iTunes Gift Card

You might have heard that cryptocurrencies have taken off like wildfire over the past few years, but you might not know where to begin investing. Never fear, because there's an easy way to get started with Bitcoin (BTC) without all the headaches of getting verified on exchanges or dealing with complex wallets.

You may have wondered if you can buy BTC using iTunes gift cards. The answer is yes! And the good news is that it's fast, cheap, and easy to do so. In this article, we'll show you exactly how to purchase BTC with iTunes cards from your mobile device—no matter where in the world you are.

We'll cover everything from setting up your mobile wallet and connecting it to your App Store account, to finding a reliable exchange and completing your BTC purchase in just a few short steps. So grab your iTunes card and let's get started!

What Is Bitcoin?

Do you have an iTunes card and want to buy Bitcoin? You’re in the right place. But before we proceed, let’s learn a little more about this cryptocurrency: What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency designed to act as money, meaning it is accepted as a form of payment by certain retailers and vendors. It is decentralized - meaning it operates free of any central control - and the first successful decentralized cryptocurrency and payment system in the world. Bitcoin was created in 2009 when the anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto released a whitepaper outlining how it works.

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin transactions are secured using cryptography, which keeps transactions secure from interference or manipulation by third parties. Each transaction also uses blockchain technology for validation and authentication, providing an added layer of security for users.

How to Buy Bitcoin With iTunes Card

Given the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, it's no surprise that people are looking for an easy way to buy Bitcoin with iTunes cards. Fortunately, there are a few reliable methods to do so which we'll outline here.

One of the most popular platforms is GiftoCash, which allows you to purchase Bitcoin directly with your iTunes gift card. All you need to do is sign up with your iTunes account and you can start buying Bitcoin with your iTunes currency right away.

Alternatively, you can also utilize two of the most popular cryptocurrency marketplaces: CoinCola and Noones. Both of these platforms allow users to trade their unused or unwanted iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin within a matter of minutes.

Finally, if you already have some Bitcoins in your wallet, it is possible to buy US iTunes Gift Cards with BTC on various websites such as Bitrefill or and use them to purchase apps from the App Store.

So, whatever your preference may be—there are plenty of ways in which you can purchase Bitcoin using your iTunes card.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin on iOS App Store

You might be wondering how buying bitcoin with an iTunes card is beneficial. Well, it turns out there are several advantages to purchasing BTC this way.

Staking rewards

For one, you can earn staking rewards when you buy bitcoin with an iTunes card on the app store. Staking rewards are basically a type of passive income that crypto traders can earn when they hold onto their digital assets for a certain period of time. This makes the process of buying crypto even more profitable!

Advanced trading tools

Another great benefit is that you have access to some of the most advanced trading tools available today when you use this method to purchase BTC. This includes powerful indicators and charts, as well as other features that make it easier for traders to make informed decisions about their investments.

Seamless spending

Finally, by buying Bitcoin with an iTunes Card through the App Store, you can also enjoy the convenience of being able to spend it as you please—using Coinbase Card. This means no more worrying about converting coins into fiat currencies or dealing with exchange rates and fees when it comes time to actually spend your BTC purchase!

Find the Best Platform to Buy Bitcoin With iTunes Card

Using an iTunes card to buy Bitcoin is actually quite simple. All you need to do is find a platform that makes it easy and secure to make your purchase.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from that have various features that might be beneficial for you.


One platform you'll want to consider is Noones, which makes it incredibly easy to buy Bitcoin with an iTunes card. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly purchase and hold Bitcon securely, thanks to its online wallet. Plus, there are no fees associated with buying Bitcoin on this platform.


If anonymity is something you're looking for when buying Bitcoin with an iTunes card, then BitValve is the perfect platform for you. This peer-to-peer exchange allows anyone from across the globe to buy crypto anonymously with zero KYC (Know Your Customer) process required. Additionally, it offers low exchange rates compared to other platforms.


CoinCola is another great option for buying BTC with an iTunes card, as it offers spot trading and margin trading at low fees. Like Noones, this platform also provides users with a secure online wallet feature in addition to 24/7 customer support in case something goes wrong during the buying process - so you're always covered!

What to Consider When Shopping for BTC With iTunes Card

If you're looking to buy bitcoin with an iTunes card, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

Create an account

First, you'll need to create an account on a gift card trading app before you can start shopping. Popular p2p marketplaces include Noones, Totalcoin, and LocalBitcoins. These apps have different policies and fees, so be sure to read their terms of service carefully.

Spot/Margin Trading Fees

Also, consider cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase that offer lower fees for spot/margin trading. Some exchanges also allow users to buy directly from other traders in marketplaces or on forums like Reddit. Be sure to do your research before trading with any platform and always look out for red flags that could indicate a scam.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the price of bitcoin is always fluctuating—so be sure to check the price of BTC before you make your purchase. This will ensure that you get a good deal and don't pay more than necessary for the amount of Bitcoin you want.

Recommended Bitcoin Wallet for iOS Devices

If you're looking for the best wallet for buying Bitcoin with your iTunes card on the App Store, you'll want to check out some of the popular options.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a multi-currency wallet available on iOS that make buying cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with your iTunes card a breeze. With Trust Wallet, you don't just get the ability to store and transact over digital currencies—it features built-in access to decentralized applications (dApps) so you can browse and use them securely within the wallet.


MetaMask is not just another wallet — it acts as an Ethereum gateway, connecting to a variety of blockchains and allowing users to manage their Ether and all ERC20 tokens. It's great for those who want smooth transitions between their fiat currency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's available on iOS, too!

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is often considered one of the best iPhone crypto wallets for its high-security standards. It's been around since 2014 and supports major coins like Bitcoin, ETH/ERC20, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more. Plus, it works with Windows/MacOS/Linux via USB connection or Bluetooth connection with your apps!


So, if you’re looking to buy Bitcoin with an iTunes card, the process is simple: sign up for an account on an app like GiftoCash, link your iTunes card to the app, and then you’ll have your Bitcoin available to spend. Plus, you’ll no longer need to worry about dealing with a third-party exchange when you’re ready to sell.

Crypto shopping made easy with an iTunes card is the perfect solution for those new to the crypto game and those wanting to quickly purchase coins without the hassle of exchanges. The advantages of using the App Store for buying Bitcoin are undeniable and with the added security of the Apple payment gateway, it’s a great way to get in the game. So, if you’ve got an iTunes card burning a hole in your pocket, go ahead and give GiftoCash a try and jump into the exciting world of crypto today.

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