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Exploring the Conversion of Gift Cards to Digital Currency and Payment Platforms

gift cards n bitcoin

Gift cards have become increasingly popular as a convenient and versatile gifting option. However, recipients of gift cards often find themselves wondering about the possibilities of converting these cards into digital currency or linking them to popular payment platforms like PayPal. This essay aims to explore the process of converting gift cards, specifically focusing on Walmart and Delta Airlines gift cards, to digital currency and PayPal.

1. Converting Walmart Gift Cards to PayPal:

Walmart, one of the largest retail chains globally, offers various payment methods, including gift cards. While the direct transfer of a Walmart gift card balance to PayPal may not be possible, there are alternative methods available. Several online platforms, such as GiftoCash and Checkout Saver, facilitate the conversion of Walmart gift cards into cash or PayPal funds. These platforms provide a seamless transition, allowing users to sell their Walmart gift cards and receive the equivalent value in PayPal.

2. Delta Airlines Gift Card Conversion:

Similar to Walmart gift cards, Delta Airlines gift cards cannot be directly transferred to PayPal. However, platforms like Checkout Saver offer services to convert Delta Airlines gift cards to cash, which can then be used to fund a PayPal account. By selling the Delta Airlines gift card through these platforms, users can receive the cash value and subsequently transfer it to their PayPal account.

3. Gift Card to Bitcoin Conversion:

For individuals interested in converting their gift cards into digital currency, platforms like PRESTMIT offer the option to buy Bitcoin with various gift cards, including Walmart and Delta Airlines gift cards. By utilizing these services, gift card holders can exchange their card's value for Bitcoin, which can then be stored in a digital wallet or used for online transactions.

4. Adding Gift Cards to PayPal:

While direct transfer of gift card balances to PayPal may not be possible in some cases, there are methods to add gift cards as payment methods within the PayPal platform. Depending on the type of gift card, users can follow step-by-step guides provided by platforms like Android Authority, Business Insider, and History-Computer to add their gift cards to PayPal accounts. These guides outline the necessary steps and precautions to link gift cards successfully, enabling users to utilize them for PayPal transactions.


Converting gift cards, such as Walmart and Delta Airlines gift cards, to digital currency or linking them to PayPal offers users greater flexibility and convenience in managing their finances. While direct transfers may not always be possible, various online platforms provide solutions to sell gift cards and receive cash or digital currency equivalents. Additionally, step-by-step guides assist users in adding gift cards as payment methods within PayPal. As technology advances, the process of converting gift cards to digital currency and integrating them into popular payment platforms continues to evolve, offering users more opportunities to utilize their gift card values effectively.

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