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Convert Your Walmart MoneyCard Funds to Cryptocurrency

visa and master walmart moneycard

Ever wish you could turn the cash on your Walmart MoneyCard into Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? Now you can. A new service called Giftocash lets you instantly exchange funds from your Walmart MoneyCard for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. No more waiting for your paycheck or money transfer to clear before you can buy crypto—with Giftocash the funds in your MoneyCard wallet are available immediately.

All you have to do is create an account on, enter your Walmart MoneyCard details, choose which crypto you want to buy, and Giftocash handles the rest. They’ll transfer your MoneyCard funds and deposit the equivalent amount of your selected cryptocurrency directly into your digital wallet. The whole process only takes a couple minutes. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get started with cryptocurrency or want to spend the money on your Walmart MoneyCard on something more valuable than retail goods, Giftocash provides a simple solution. Turn that Walmart money into crypto today!

How to Link Your Walmart MoneyCard to GiftoCash

To link your Walmart MoneyCard to GiftoCash, the first step is downloading the GiftoCash mobile app and creating an account.

Once you've set up your GiftoCash account, log in to your Walmart MoneyCard account on the website or in the app. Select "Add & send money" or tap "Deposit". This will prompt you to enter some personal information to verify your identity.

After verification, GiftoCash will provide your Walmart MoneyCard details like the card number, expiration date, and CVV. Enter this card data into the GiftoCash app to link the accounts.

Linking Completes the Process

Linking your Walmart MoneyCard to GiftoCash completes the process. Funds added to your Walmart MoneyCard, whether by direct deposit, in-store purchase, or cash load, will now be available in your GiftoCash account. You can then use those funds to buy popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin right from the GiftoCash app.

Once linked, adding money to your Walmart MoneyCard is simple. Just tell an associate at any Walmart store the amount you want to add, from $20 up to $1,000. The funds will be available in your GiftoCash account within minutes so you can buy crypto on the go.

Using GiftoCash to convert your Walmart MoneyCard funds into cryptocurrency is an easy way to invest in this exciting new asset class. With just a few taps in the app, the money you load onto your Walmart MoneyCard can be working for you in the crypto markets. Why not give it a try?

Exchanging Walmart MoneyCard Funds for Bitcoin on GiftoCash

So you've got funds on your Walmart MoneyCard and want to use them to buy Bitcoin. Lucky for you, GiftoCash makes the process simple. Here's how it works:

Link Your Walmart MoneyCard

Head to and create an account. Link your Walmart MoneyCard by entering your card number, CVV code, and zip code. GiftoCash uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your info secure.

Select Bitcoin as Your Currency

Once your card is linked, choose Bitcoin as the currency you want to buy. Enter the amount of your Walmart MoneyCard funds you want to exchange. The current Bitcoin exchange rate and any fees will be clearly shown so you know exactly what you'll get.

Complete the Exchange

Review and confirm the details of your exchange. Then the funds will be deducted from your Walmart MoneyCard and the Bitcoin will be deposited directly into your GiftoCash Bitcoin wallet. It usually takes less than 30 minutes for the entire process.

Access and Use Your Bitcoin

Log into your GiftoCash account anytime to access your Bitcoin wallet and see your balance. You can send your Bitcoin to an external crypto wallet, exchange it for cash, or use it to buy gift cards from over 150 major brands.

With GiftoCash, turning your Walmart MoneyCard funds into Bitcoin is simple, fast, and secure. Why not give it a try and join the world of cryptocurrency today? The opportunities are endless!

The Fees for Swapping Walmart MoneyCard to Bitcoin

There are a few fees to be aware of when converting your Walmart MoneyCard funds into Bitcoin. The good news is, purchasing Bitcoin through Paxful has no added fees for MoneyCard users. However, there are some standard MoneyCard fees to keep in mind.

Monthly Service Fee

Walmart charges a monthly service fee of $5.94 for your MoneyCard. This fee is deducted automatically around the same time each month. The only way to avoid this fee is to load at least $1,000 onto your card each month. If you plan to convert most of your MoneyCard balance into Bitcoin regularly, this monthly fee is something to consider.

Cash Deposit Fee

To add funds to your MoneyCard, you'll need to make cash deposits, typically at a Walmart store. Each cash deposit incurs a $3 fee. So if you add $100 at a time to your card, that's $3 out of each $100 going to fees. The more you can deposit at once, the lower the percentage lost to fees. Consider adding the maximum allowed per deposit, currently $1,000, to minimize fees.

Additional Fees

There are a few other miscellaneous fees for things like balance inquiries, replacement cards, and overdrafts. The full fee schedule can be found on Walmart's website. These extra fees typically only apply if you initiate the charge, so being aware of them can help you avoid unnecessary costs.

To swap your Walmart MoneyCard funds for Bitcoin with the lowest fees, follow these tips:

•Add the maximum allowable amount per cash deposit.

•Plan to convert most or all of your balance to Bitcoin at once.

•Only check your balance or request a replacement card when absolutely necessary.

•Consider if the ongoing monthly service fee makes a MoneyCard worthwhile for your needs.

By maximizing your deposits, minimizing additional charges, and converting sizable amounts at a time, you can swap your Walmart MoneyCard for Bitcoin on Paxful with the lowest overall fees. Just be aware of the standard costs involved with a MoneyCard and how you can avoid extra charges.

How Long Does It Take to Convert My Walmart MoneyCard Balance?

Converting funds from your Walmart MoneyCard to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin typically takes between 3 to 5 business days, depending on the service you use. The actual conversion process only takes a few minutes, but transferring money from your MoneyCard and having it deposited into your digital wallet or exchange account is what extends the time frame.

Linking Your MoneyCard

The first step is linking your Walmart MoneyCard to a service like GiftOCash to begin the transfer process. This typically takes around 2 business days for the card to be verified and linked. Once linked, you can initiate transfers to cryptocurrency services.

Initiating the Transfer

After your MoneyCard is linked, you start the transfer to move funds to your chosen cryptocurrency service. Enter the amount you want to transfer, which can take 1 to 3 business days to complete depending on the service. Smaller amounts tend to process faster. The transfer time also depends on your MoneyCard balance - if you have insufficient funds it will take longer as you have to add more money.

Exchanging for Cryptocurrency

When the money from your Walmart MoneyCard hits your cryptocurrency exchange account or digital wallet, the actual conversion to Bitcoin or other coins only takes a few minutes. The limiting factor is really the transfer and deposit times. Some services like GiftOCash let you do an instant transfer for a fee, shortening the time to convert your MoneyCard funds to crypto to potentially just 1 business day.

In summary, you can expect the entire process of converting money from your Walmart MoneyCard to cryptocurrency to take around 3 to 5 business days depending on the transfer method and amounts. The actual buying of crypto coins is nearly instant - it's getting money into your digital wallets and exchange accounts that requires the most patience. But with services that offer expedited transfers for fees, you can shorten the waiting period and turn your MoneyCard funds into crypto much faster.

Using Your Bitcoin After the Swap

Now that you’ve successfully swapped your Walmart MoneyCard funds for Bitcoin, it’s time to start using your crypto! There are a few ways you can utilize your new digital currency.

Make Purchases

Some businesses accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. You can buy everything from pizza and web hosting to plane tickets and jewelry. Find vendors that take Bitcoin on sites like Spendabit, Overstock, Expedia, and Newegg. When checking out, you’ll enter your Bitcoin wallet address or scan a QR code to send the required amount. Transactions are instant and secure.

Trade for Fiat Currency

If you want to convert your Bitcoin back to U.S. dollars or other government-issued money, you can sell on an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. Link your Bitcoin wallet to the exchange, place a sell order for your Bitcoin at the current market price or at a limit price you set. Once the order is filled, the proceeds will be deposited in your linked bank account. Keep in mind selling crypto is a taxable event, so you may owe capital gains taxes on your profits.

Trade for Other Cryptos

Use your Bitcoin to purchase up-and-coming altcoins or diversify your crypto portfolio. You can trade Bitcoin for coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and thousands more on crypto exchanges. Do some research on other cryptocurrencies to determine good buying opportunities based on technology, real-world use cases, partnerships and overall growth potential. Trading one crypto for another is also taxable, so keep good records of your transactions.

Hold as an Investment

If you believe Bitcoin will increase a lot in value over time, the best option may be to hold onto your coins long-term. Move your Bitcoin to a secure digital wallet, either software-based or a physical hardware wallet. This takes your crypto offline and out of the hands of exchanges, reducing risks of hacking or theft. As Bitcoin’s price climbs over the years, the value of your investment will rise substantially. However, there is also a chance Bitcoin’s price could drop significantly. Only invest money you can afford to lose.


You've now seen how simple it is to turn the money on your Walmart MoneyCard into cryptocurrency like bitcoin. In just a few clicks, you can transfer funds from your card to an exchange like Giftocash and have digital coins deposited in your account, ready to use for online shopping, investing, or whatever else you want. While the world of cryptocurrency can seem complicated, services that connect traditional payment methods to digital money are making it easier than ever for the average person to participate. So go ahead, take that MoneyCard balance and turn it into crypto - welcome to the future of finance! Pretty soon, you'll be trading coins with the best of them.

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