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Gift Card Cash: Selling and Buying Options

Updated: Oct 29

converting gift card to cash

If you have a gift card that you don't need and want to sell it for cash, there are several options available to you. One way is to use independent websites like GiftoCash or CardCash, which act as marketplaces for buying and selling gift cards for cash.


GiftoCash allows you to sell your gift card directly to other individuals. You can set the discount you want to apply to your card and see what other people are offering for similar gift cards. However, GiftoCash charges a 15% fee for using their platform, so you will receive 85% of the card's value.


CardCash, on the other hand, offers a simpler process. Once you verify your gift cards with them, they will handle the reselling process. With CardCash, you can expect to receive up to 92% of the cash value of your cards. They accept a wide range of gift cards from various merchants, and they do not offer promotional cards or cards with expiration dates.

Additionally, CardCash offers the option to exchange your gift cards for specific other gift cards, such as Amazon, Target, or Wayfair. By doing this, you can get up to 11% more value compared to cashing out the gift card.

If you're interested in buying discounted gift cards, you can also use websites like GiftoCash and CardCash to purchase them from other individuals. When making these purchases, it's recommended to use a credit card that offers good rewards or cash back on regular purchases.

Remember to check the terms and conditions of the gift card marketplace websites and ensure that you are comfortable with the fees and processes involved.


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