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Bitcoins for Gift Cards, Coupons, and Merchandise Credits

Bitcoins Gift Cards

With Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you can purchase more than 2000 gift cards.

On GiftoCash, you can view all genuine offers where you can sell your gift cards for bitcoin. Create an account today and trade any gift card for BTC.

Spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others to purchase gift cards for sites like Amazon, eBay, Xbox, and a lot more.

Obtain email delivery right away.

Our service is quick and secure 99.9% of the time, regardless of the cryptocurrency you use to purchase them.

E-gift cards can be bought with the utmost convenience.

Decreased network fees

You can choose to use the Lightning Network option for Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions at GiftoCash to pay lower network fees.

Do not use regional subscriptions

Instead of using your credit or debit cards to pay for subscriptions, use gift cards instead.

Immediate delivery

Obtain email delivery right away.

Our service is quick and secure 99.9% of the time, regardless of the cryptocurrency you use to purchase them.

On cryptocurrency, you can conduct daily activities.

Choose your preferred category to view all of the available coupons.

Spend Bitcoin and other digital currencies to buy e-gift cards from Amazon, eBay, and other retailers.

Obtain email delivery right away.

Our service is quick and secure 99.9% of the time, regardless of the cryptocurrency you use to purchase them.

Currencies that are accepted for payment:

Are gift cards available to be purchased using Bitcoin?

You can purchase gift cards for Amazon, eBay, and more than 2000 other brands using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Go to the checkout after selecting the gift card you want, the payment method, and the gift card's value.

I want to exchange my bitcoins for gift cards.

Find a card you want to purchase by visiting our gift card shop.

Choose the currency you want to use to pay, the country where the gift card can be redeemed, and the card's value.

Wait for a pop-up window to appear, then enter the necessary data.

Gift cards must be sent from an email address, which is what we need.

What gift cards can I purchase with cryptocurrency?

More than 2,000 different gift cards can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

The GiftoCash gift card store sells gift cards from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Steam, Roblox, Eneba, Airbnb, Playstation, Nintendo, Discord Nitro, Flipkart, Apple, Twitch, Asos, Best Buy, Macy's, and Uber.

How can I buy prepaid cards using cryptocurrency?

1. Choose a card at the GiftoCash gift card shop.

2. Decide on the gift card's value and denomination.

3. Examine the cart and complete the necessary fields.

4. Send a check.

6. Examine your email.

I paid for a gift card, but I never got it.

Now what?

Please make sure to check all of your inboxes (spam, promotions, social, or other folders) after the payment is confirmed to see if you have received a gift card.

Please get in touch with us directly if you haven't received gift cards so that we can check your order.

GiftoCash refused to accept the payment I made in order to purchase the gift cards.

What ought I to do?

GiftoCash receiving funds after the invoice's expiration date is one of the most frequent causes for the payment not being accepted.

In such cases, we can either accept the order or, if possible, refund your payment.

In this case, please get in touch with the support staff so they can look over your order.

How long will it take for me to get the gift card?

A gift card is delivered right away to your email address following payment confirmation.

The redemption code I have does not work.

What ought I to do?

If your redeem code is not honored by the online store, please get in touch with them directly so they can help you.

Please get in touch with our support here if the store didn't already fix the problem with the code.

Can I purchase a gift card for another person?

After choosing a gift card, you can add the recipient's name, email address, and a message by selecting the "E-gift?" option in the checkout.

If I'm not from the chosen region, can I still purchase the gift card?

Only the designated areas allow for the redemption of in-store gift cards.

If the brand allows it, you might be able to use gift cards for online purchases even if you aren't in the country where the product is being sold.

Please refer to the specific brand's redemption guidelines and terms and conditions in each instance.

Once you have redeemed the online gift card, we also suggest using a VPN with the location-matched gift card region.

Do I need to register in order to purchase gift cards?

No, you don't need to register or have an account to purchase GiftoCash gift cards.

Can I purchase a gift card using fiat money?

Only your personal cryptocurrency wallet can be used to buy gift cards.

The GiftoCash platform does not support fiat money.

What gift cards are the most widely used?

Browse through our selection of more than 2000 brands or the most well-known brands from the stores of our partners.

The category for gift card deals contained the best offers.

But if you're looking for something particular, check out gift cards for clothing, health, beauty, and fashion.

The sections for food, experiences, restaurants, travel, spas, and holidays are where you'll find the best gift cards for experience-seeking people.

Don't forget to look at gift cards for music, sports, entertainment, and gaming if entertainment is your thing.

Other gift cards from different categories, such as those for electronics, baby items, gas, and home goods, are also available.

Finally, if you still can't find the gift card you're looking for, head over to the "other" product category.

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